An explanation of the Azadoota logo

An explanation of the Azadoota logo

Posted On:31.07.2015
Early in the 20th Century, archaeologists excavated the site of the Assyrian city of Ashur in Northern Iraq and found the palace of Tukulti-Ninurta II, who ruled from 890BC to 884BC.

Among the treasures unearthed was a particular wall plaque depicting the Assyrian god Ashur. Ashur is shown shooting his bow from a winged sun-disc among rain clouds.

Click here to view the original artifact on the British Museum website.

It is this depiction of the god Ashur that also features on the modern Assyrian flag.

We've taken this design, but instead of a bow and arrow, we give Ashur a guitar, a traditional drum or a trumpet. Click the thumbnails below to see our logo designs in detail.

Drum Logo Guitar Logo Trumpet Logo