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Track Description

"Unity" is a party anthem with a serious message. Assyrian culture is rich and our history is wondrous, but our numbers are small and our people are scattered. If we want our nation to flourish, we have to be united.

The 2nd single from our forthcoming EP, “Unity” was written by Robin Zirwanda and produced by Tom Kazas with the same superstar lineup as our previous release “Mazreta”. The song features a joyous (and very catchy) vocal hook, while Stuart Vandegraaff’s tricky brass lines pepper the verses. Robin delivers a surprise rap, followed by the most delicious montuno piano played by Vashti “Queen of Persia” Sivell, building to an ending that leaves you wanting more.

"Unity" is a top-25 semi-finalist for World Music in the International Songwriting Competition.

Official Music Video

These days it feels like social issues, politics, even trivial things are constantly dividing us. Creating a video for the song “Unity”, we wanted to focus on things that bring people together, and we thought what better place to start than our own neighbourhood?

In our area, guerrilla gardening has gone viral. People have been taking over nature strips everywhere, planting mini food forests for the neighbours to share. Near us, an empty lane has been transformed into a community space with pumpkins meandering, passionfruit heavy on the vine, chairs and tables for people to sit and chat. In this magic lane, we set up a stage and invited our neighbours to a street party.

Our party brought together an eclectic and diverse bunch of people, but they quickly found things in common. Conversations were started, traditions and food were compared, some of the young people made up a dance and everyone joined in. Over the course of the afternoon, our crew captured the essence of Unity.

Track Credits

Music and lyrics by Robin Zirwanda
Song produced and mixed by Tom Kazas
Robin Zirwanda - Vocals and percussion
Daniel Dydey - Guitar
Vashti Sivell - Piano
Stuart Vandegraaff - Sax
Marty Farrugia - Trumpet
Paris Freed - Backing vocals
Ben Wild - Bass
Steve Marin - Drums
Recorded at Free Energy Device studios with Richard Belkner
Mastered by William Bowden

Video Credits

Video produced by Diorama Pictures
Directed and edited by Cristina Dio
DOP Rowan Du Boisee
Costumes and props designed and made in Zirwandaland
Featuring Robin Zirwanda, Stuart Vandegraaff, Daniel Dydey, Simon Houstoun, Ali Benstead, Juan Alvear, Sebastian Betancur and our wonderful neighbours.


The artwork for Unity is a stylised talisman, an artifact imbued with mystical properties of power and protection, used to attract wellbeing and prosperity. At the bottom, brickwork represents the strength and the foundation of our nation, evoking imagery of palace walls and city gates built by our ancient ancestors. The bright colours in the brickwork represent the richness of our heritage, and our modern day presence in all countries and all walks of life. Although our people are dispersed throughout the diaspora, we all live under the same sun and as the lyric says, our blood will never change its mind. This concept is represented by the golden landscape background with flowing hills and a central red sun circle. Across the sun circle, musical instruments (including the drum in the Azadoota logo) represent the tools that Azadoota uses to promote awareness of Assyrian culture. The red and blue ribbons flowing to the corners of the artwork signify the Assyrian flag, and the two rivers of our ancestral land, carrying our people to the four corners of the earth. Demonstrating and encouraging unity, men and women hold hands as they dance across the top of the talisman. Behind them, a floral icon favoured by artists of ancient Assyria blossoms with the promise of a unified future. This vibrant artwork was created by our friend Zabette at ZN Talisman Art.

Unity CD Cover


My responsibility is always
To my nation
Our history can never be forgotten
We are the children of great kings
Our bond can never be unravelled.
Voices voices
Voices I am hearing
From distant roads they are calling us
Although we live scattered far apart
Our blood will never change its mind.
Our nation desperately
Needs us
All her life she has sacrificed for us
Our duty is to honour our nation
So she stands strong like a pillar.
We have a name that is wondrous (yes!)
It can never be forgotten (no!)
It has lived for seven thousand years (yes!)
It have given us a heritage (yes!)
We don’t want a new name (no!)
To cause division between brother and sister (no!)
Tribes and political sides are dividing us (see!)
Pushing us away from each other (know!)
Enough with unproductive thinking (no!)
We are one nation (yes!)
The Assyrian nation is strong (yes!)
It will never be for sale.