With the spicy heat of ethnic rhythms and the mysterious sounds of an ancient language, Azadoota rouse unsuspecting listeners to their feet and onto dance-floors in every corner of the world.

Azadoota’s founder Robin Zirwanda comes from Iraq, where the Assyrians trace their ancestors back 7000 years. Recognised throughout the diaspora as a goodwill ambassador for his little-known nation, Robin sings catchy originals in his native Assyrian Aramaic.

Known for their bright contemporary style and accessible groove-based worldbeat, Azadoota have proved to be a favourite on the festival scene for almost three decades. Spicy ethnic rhythms and traditional dance beats find new life on today’s dance floor, and the mysterious sound of an ancient language communicates themes of heritage, displacement, love, and cultural continuity.

Featuring Assyrian musicians from across the globe, including 14-year-old Josh on piano, the band performs in costumes inspired by their ancient royal ancestors.

Hailed as “the act that sums up the WOMAD spirit”, Azadoota delivers an extravaganza of contemporary Assyrian dance-rock Worldbeat.

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St Bernadettes Primary School

Friday 22 March
Harmony Week

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