Win the Crowd
Robin on Winning Over a Mainstream Audience

Recently we performed at a function where the crowd not only weren't familiar with Assyrian culture or world music, but they were there for a posh function, and our support act was an opera singer. Robin had his work cut out. How did he win over the room?

School Project
School project: Planet Assyria

Josh created an informative and engaging video for his school project on Assyrian culture.

Collaborating with a global team of Assyrian experts, Josh did a great job of making Assyrian culture interesting (and entertaining) for his classmates.

Assyrian Podcast
Robin spills the beans for the Assyrian Podcast

This podcast episode delves into Robin’s history, why he loves music and also discusses the role of patriotism and why it is important to be Assyrian.

Getting to know our brothers-in-law

Assyrians and Jews share a parallel history which links us from antiquity through to the present day. We presented on this topic at the 2017 Limmud-Oz Festival of Jewish ideas.

celebrations as thousands mark the beginning of the Assyrian New Year

SBS News visited the Assyrian New Year Festival in Sydney and published this great snapshot of our community.

Did Jesus really speak our language?

Our language is particularly contentious, scholars can’t even agree on what our language is called. And didn't Jesus speak Aramaic? We take a closer look at the links between our language and the language Jesus would have spoken.

A meeting of indigenous cultures on stage at Candelo

The 2015 Candelo Village Festival kicked off with a showcase entitled "Travelling Tunesmiths", where Azadoota joined legendary indigenous performer Frank Yamma, Canadian troubadour Scott Cook and French songstress Melanie Horsnell in a spontaneous on-stage collaboration.

An explanation of the Azadoota logo

Among the treasures unearthed at the palace of Tikulti Ninurta II was a particular wall plaque depicting the Assyrian god Ashur. See how it inspired us to create the Azadoota logos.