Babel Music XP 2023

Azadoota for Babel Music XP 2023

Jesus Spoke my Language
Posted On:17.10.2022
Fresh new content for the program directors of Babel Music XP

We have new photos and video coming in November, we'll be posting it here for your exclusive preview, and hopefully you won't be checking our link before then.

Azadoota’s founder Robin Zirwanda celebrates his Assyrian heritage, singing in his native Aramaic and adapting traditional rhythms for today’s dance floor. With three generations of family members on stage, including 13-year-old Josh on piano, their bright catchy songs herald a renaissance of their ancient culture. Performing in costumes inspired by their royal ancestors, Azadoota features Assyrian musicians from across the globe, delivering an Assyrian extravaganza of percussive dance-rock worldbeat.

Destined to perform at Babel Music, Azadoota is the only band on the world stage who represent the Assyrians, the original inhabitants of Ancient Babel.